Friday, 16 March 2018

Art Students Get Inspired!

On 21st December 2017, Year 10-13 Art students accompanied by Mr Javier and Miss Postema went to the Museo  Bellas Artes de Valencia to see an exhibition of some Valencian artists. They were able to see the work of Orti, Valdes and Sorolla. Afterward, the students were able to see the glorious Jardin Botanico at the University of Valencia, where they were able to make some drawing of nature aiming to emulate the style of Sorolla.

The Ortí Exhibition


We spoke to a security guard who told us that “One of [Orti’s] famous sculptures is the ‘Pechos de la Virgen Maria’ She also said that he was deaf, so he tried to sculpt for all the people to `see´what he made.

The Valdes Exhibition


When we asked students about what they thought about the exhibitions, they told us that their favourite was Sorollas because they preferred the natural landscapes, unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photographs in that exhibit.

At the botanic gardens, the art students were able to use their inspiration from Sorollas’ work to draw nature themselves.

This student said to us that she preferred this tree as the shape (the way it grew) was different from the others.

This student told us what she liked about this palm tree was that the textures were different from the others.

This student was drawing this tree because she found the way the branches had stretched out from the trunk interesting.
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